1. How would you like your #eggs?


  2. #Patches I designed for the @teefury promo today. #Pilot your way to the site to see how to score ‘em!


  3. Bankin’ on a good time.




  5. A very tootful @nerdist evening was enjoyed this Pi day. Cheers to irrational numbers!


  6. "Gimme all your nuts and no one gets hurt!" @communitysocal


  7. Time for hilarity care c/o Steve Mazan at Flappers Comedy Club tonight!


  8. The night was awash with many great performances~ Hats off to Ms Estrella Detroit! #acrossthewhedonverse


  9. Captain Hammer sings a ballad for the Hero of Canton #Jayne !


  10. Our little treasure trove from #acrossthewhedonverse !


  11. Getting ready to book it over to the #AcrossTheWhedonverse burlesque show tonight~ #Firefly


  12. Fixing the primary buffer panel on a new piece for tonight’s “Across the Whedonverse” show! #firefly


  13. It’s “Time Fiction”! The Doctors by Zerobriant make the rounds via TeeFury via Chris Hardwick via @midnight !


    If you know Chris Hardwick @midnight and you also love Doctor Who, then this will give you an awesomegasm! :)

    He just wore a zerobriantee! grab one at http://bit.ly/TimeFictionTF


  14. "The Budrows" @ Santa Ana artwapk with…#JAZZFLUTE ! (at Artists Village Art Walk)


  15. The D’oh Show is tron! (at Tarte Vintage)